Meet, Greet, Connect...

...and have fun in Workshops at Lut's Bee & Bee

Lut's B & B is the perfect venue to share more of 'what I love in life'!

The perfect venue to share more of what I love in life!

We offer workshops like flower arranging, cooking and baking. You can join the workshop on it's own, but why not make it a B & B experience with a relaxing lay-in and breakfast, and a nice relaxing time afterwards and stay for a night... or two.

Worth thinking about, isn't it?

Please note:
When booking a workshop and booking rooms at the same time, please make sure you book at least 2 weeks before your chosen date to avoid disappointment.

Programmes for 2019 will be listed soon.

What's we did in 2018

Lut's B & B


I Enjoyed every minute of Rachel Petherman’s workshop, a well skilled, experienced and passionate florist.

I can’t tell how happy and proud I am to have her here in my B & B for lots of floristry workshops.

Floristry Workshops at Lut's

Lut's B & B

Everyone's Interest

So far, we hosted a Poetry Workshop and a Vegan & Vegetarian Cooking Class.

I'm looking forward to our next Vegan Cooking Class! See Lut’s B & B Facebook page as well

Interest Workshops at Lut's

Lut's B & B

Happy Housewives

As a houseproud & happy housewife I want to share my lifelong workshops & own experiences to inspire you.

Let’s just have some fun in and about the house and share our ideas & skills - and create tasty and beautiful things.

Housewives Workshops at Lut's

What we did in 2017

Lut's B & B

Floristry - 2017

I joined Rachel's wild floristry workshop recently. I love her style, enthusiasm, passion for flowers and her 'Growing Herbs & using them in a Flower Bouquet' Workshop.


Lut's B & B

Vegetarian & Vegan Cooking - 2017

Watching & listening to Danielle from Maximum Health made us look forward to a different Christmas meal in her 'Vegetarian and Vegan Christmas Cookery' Class.


Lut's B & B

Make a Christmas Wreath - 2017

There was such a lovely atmosphere in Lut's B&B. Everybody creating their personal wreath as a warm welcome on their doors at Christmas.