Outdoors meet indoors

Where luxury meets adventure

In our quiet little orchard away from the road and surrounded by the horse paddocks with the view of the church spire in the background, 5 motorhomes/caravans/tents can stay.


Bring your Friends

You as B & B guests and your friends as campers can have breakfast together in the B & B. Please book their breakfast when booking B & B and campsite.

Adventures with your Children

Your older children (+12) who want to be adventurous might like to stay in the campsite while you, as parents, prefer the luxury of the B & B. Younger children who like to be adventurous too, can camp in their little tent in front of the house while you as parents sleep in the B & B with one eye open to watch your children.

Children can have a B&B delivered breakfast at their place or join you at the breakfast table.

Isn’t that fun? Even grandparents might like this adventure with their grandchildren!



  • Usual Price for the B & B
  • Camping £15 per night per place
  • Breakfast £12 per child 10 and over
  • Breakfast £5 per child under the age of 10
  • Minimum stay 2 nights

To book contact us on:

Please book latest two days before you wish to stay. Be sure to bring your tents.

B & B: 01522 306215

Mobile: 07793034734